Everything's Cool as Long as I'm getting Thinner

Jess. 22. College grad. Decided to commit myself to healthier living because I was unhappy with where I was. 25 pounds down and going strong- another 20ish to go! I wish this wasn't in caps...

Herbalife vs. Shakeology

Fitblrs! I need help

I’ve been drinking Shakeology for about two weeks and I need to buy a new one. However, I don’t know if I want to pay $129 for a month… I’ve lost weight before (25 lbs) and never with any of these meal replacement shakes so I’m a bit hesitant to spend the money because it feels wasteful to me. However, it took me a solid 6 months to lose the weight before so do these real help increase weight loss? (Mind you, I was working out nearly 7 days a week and eating 1200 calories a day… it was really tough to lose weight at first)

BUT, I’m also debating Herbalife. Except, it seems much harder to purchase- going through a distributor, what the heck?? Any key differences?

General opinion of both. Which is worth the money?


Dumbbell Sumo Squat: Perfect for shaping your butt & inner thighs. The sumo squat works your entire lower body & engages your core, shoulders and back. A great all round exercise!


Dumbbell Sumo Squat: Perfect for shaping your butt & inner thighs. The sumo squat works your entire lower body & engages your core, shoulders and back. A great all round exercise!

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It’s amazing how ONE bad day of eating messes up days of good eating and that’s when you realize the “small” dessert you think you’re having ain’t so small.
Yesterday I was 158.6, today I am 161.8..

I baked yesterday. And what I made was delicious and small so I wanted to keep eating them.

In reality, all I ate was soup for lunch, pulled pork for dinner (no bun), coleslaw. And lots and lots of guacamole. Like an insane amount. Plus those stupid mini cheesecakes I made.

Anyway, have all my meals planned out for today. Hoping for a healthy day!

Long Time No See…

Well well well. 

Let’s summarize this very quickly:

Graduated May 2012, and at my highest weight (163) decided to start losing weight. By December 2012, was down to 138 (Losing 25 pounds total) Last March got to my lowest of 136. Ended up gaining 5 of that back but maintained an overall 20 pound weightloss up until November of 2013…

Slowly but surely put ALL THAT 20 POUNDS BACK ON. Wasn’t working out and definitely wasn’t watching what I was eating.  HOW? Honestly, start dating someone. You lose your ability to try to care about what you’re eating. AND you DATE… you go out to eat allllll the time. I do not blame Brian for one second, this is all my fault. But, eating out definitely contributed to me being fat once again.

Instead of berating myself- it is time to get back in shape and love the way I look again. I want to be proud of myself! AND I bought Bonnaroo tickets last weekend so this is my goal to have at least 15 pounds down by June. 

Already started strong this week and lost 5 pounds! Started at 164.3, today I am 158.6 :)  For me, the bulk of it is what I’m eating.

What am I eating?

- Shakeology w/ Almond Milk in the morning

- Fruit (2 hours later)

- Lunch (Usually salad with lunch meat, tons of veggies and Balsamic Vinaigrette)

- Afternoon Snack (Fruit or veggies) - 2 hours later

-Dinner (Has completely varied this week, but typically it’s going to be a protein with veggies)

Trying to completely eliminate carbs (rice, pasta, bread)

Switching from Skim Milk to Almond Milk (Surprisingly good!)

Lots and lots and lots of water and will power.

I know I can do it, I’ve done it before. However, it is just SO hard to go out to dinner and resist certain food and you feel like a weirdo explaining to people why you’re not eating certain food, blahblah.

BUT I am unhappy so change is necessary.

That is it, happy with this week, but I know it’ll be a slow process! 





My friend Tyler is trying to lose weight and he asked my other friend Orlando to train him. Tyler was embarrassed to go to the gym though so Orlando is taking care of that by dressing up as characters when they go to the gym so that the focus isn’t on Tyler but on himself. So far Tyler has been trained by a Jedi and steampunk Batman. This is one of the nicest things I have ever seen done for someone else. 

Orlando’s kindness blows me away.

This is true friendship.

Such a sweetheart!!! I mean seriously defining what friendship is right here!!! :’)


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I got fat

I’ve seen the progression and I’ve just knowingly let myself slip further into the poor choices abyss.

Back in October i started a weight loss challenge with people from work and since then I’ve GAINED at least 7 pounds. Fact of the matter is, none of my coworkers have seemed that dedicated which in return has enabled me to not care either.

Meh, I’m not one for group challenges. I motivate myself best when I reach a point of horror and disdain for myself. Which I reached this morning.

When I started losing weight after I graduated from college,I weighed 163. At my lowest last March, I was down to 136. When I started my work weight loss thing in October I was 144. Which i actually dealt with because during the course of the year I maintained a 20 pound weight loss.

And then…. November happened and I ballooned out. I just stopped caring. I went to California early November and I actually LOST 5 pounds. Then holidays came and wow…

Anyway here is the recent wakeup call: I weighed in last week…. 157. Granted that was after a weekend of drinking excessively and eating horribly so I gained 5 pounds just in a week. BUT STILL… my highest weight was 163, only 6 pounds higher than what I weighed in as last week!!!!! That’s fucking awful.

So, I’m pretty much starting over again… great. No one to blame but myself, so not going to bother berating myself. I’ll remain hopeful in the fact that I’ve lost plenty of weight while starting thks heavy before. Just going to take a lot of work.

I’ve been wearing skirts a ton to work so it’s a lot harder to determine how big you’ve really gotten because skirts stretch and don’t individually wrap around your legs. So, this morning it’s FREEZING and I didn’t feel like looking cute. Attempted to put on a pair of dress pants that fit PERFECTLY in October (size 8) and I could hardly button/ zip them. Didn’t want to be miserable all day so I switched to an older pair that I absolutely hate. They’re at least a size 13 and they got in the legs so awkwardly and I just hate them… Put them on and they’re SNUG.


Anyway, back to rigidly tracking my food until I will myself to get to the gym. Chicago weather has been treacherous lately and the last thing I want to do after a full work day is go to the gym when it’s -5 degrees out. Going to really try to get there at least twice this week.

Ugh I suck.


Shoe collection has grown over the weekend. #oops

They’re beautiful but… how is this many shoes necessary??


Shoe collection has grown over the weekend. #oops

They’re beautiful but… how is this many shoes necessary??

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As some of you may know I’ve been sick and injured recently, and I’ve fallen off the wagon for a bit, and gained 3kgs. So to celebrate my ‘getting back on the wagon’ I’m doing a bit of a giveaway to thank you all for sticking around!

What’s included: 

  1. Green 2gb iPod Shuffle 
  2. Purple Lorna Jane Drink Bottle
  3. Lululemon Sports Bra
  4. Nike Free Run 5.0
  5. Lululemon Cropped Tights
  6. Body Shop Strawberry Glasshouse- Gel and Soap
  7. 3 Boxes of Yogi DeTox Tea
  8. Lululemon Jacket- Perfect for running in the colder months
  9. A bunch of Surprise stuff

What you have to do:

  • Be following me: http://fitandskinny.tumblr.com/. I’ll be checking. 
  • Reblog as much as you want, but likes don’t count!
  • Winner doesn’t have to be a health and fitness blog, but it cannot be a blog that promotes unhealthy behaviour or eating disorders. Recovery blogs are fine. 
  • You have until November 2nd, 2013!
  • Winner will be chosen with a random generator
  • Shoes, bra, tights and jacket will all be bought after the winner has told me their size.
  • Have your ask open so I can contact you if you win.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the message, otherwise another winner will be chosen.
  • Please do not remove this text or change the links, if it’s changed the reblogs from that will not be eligible.

Remember the more you reblog, the more entries you have! Good Luck!

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